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Product Warranty

Product Warranty Terms

E-Well strictly regulates the production procedures and after-sales service to enable consumers to enjoy our products with confidence and satisfaction.

E-Well offers one-year warranty to our customer, please read the details below:

  1. In the first year, consumers can choose to exchange and repair if the product fails in regular use after 14 days since the purchase;
  2. The purchase date is subject to the invoice;
  3. One of the following conditions cannot enjoy free repairs:
1) Failures and damages caused by human factors, such as using in abnormal environments, and not following the instructions;
2) Without the consent of the company, the purchaser disassembles, repairs, or modifies the product;
3) Damages caused by poor transportation after 14 days of purchase date;
4) Damages caused by other force majeure, such as earthquakes;
5) Normal wears, abrasion, cracks and infestation, etc.;
6) Products that do not belong to our company, such as fakes;
7) Could not provide valid shopping evidence, such as an invoice or warranty cards, etc..