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6 Reasons for Having an E-well Massage Gun Pro EW8003

E-Well Massage Gun Pro EW8003

E-Well Massage Gun Pro EW8003 offers a reliable percussion massage experience anywhere and anytime, and aims to elevate your wellness at all aspects.

6 Reasons for Having an E-Well Massage Gun

Improve Blood Flow

Improve Sleeping

Relieve Your Tension

Decrease Lactic Acid

Relax Your Muscle

Recover Faster

E-Well Massage Gun Pro EW8003 Function Introduction

Choose a desired massage head to fit onto the gun body. Press the button for 3 seconds to turn it on or off.
When it turns on, the display screen lights up, and the device begins to run at gear 1. Press the button to change speed levels

6 Massage Heads

Ball Head: Suitable for sore areas and large muscle groups, such as arms, thighs, glutes and back  
U Shape Head: Suitable for spine, neck, and Achilles tendon
Flat Head: Suitable for most muscle groups to revitalise and prevent damage to sensitive areas
Metal Head: Suitable for large muscle groups and perfect for deep muscle penetration
Pointed Head: Suitable for small muscle groups, such as sole and palm, and precise massage
Arc Head: Suitable for calves and thighs

Muscle Groups

In order to avoid prolonged massage on the same part, you can spread the massage for 10 minutes to these muscle groups.

Massage Instruction on Different Muscle Groups

Shoulder Massage 

Neck Massage 

Chest Massage 

Back Massage 

Arm Massage 

Palm Massage 

Hip Massage 

Thigh Massage 

Calf Massage 

Joint Massage 

Achilles Tendon Massage 

Sole Massage 

What’s in the Box

  • E-Well Massage Gun Pro EW8003
  • 6 Message Heads
  • Massage Gun Charger
  • E-Well Instruction Booklet