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Recommendation on massage guns in different price ranges 2022

Hey guys! What do you want in 2022? A new TV? A new surfing board? Or a new house for your dog? Forget about them. Try something new! Have you heard about Massage Gun? Of course, you must do. These gadgets are really popular now, aren’t they? Reward yourself or give them to your loved ones! Percussive massage guns come with a variety of attachments to relieve muscle soreness and tension, helping with recovery from training. They are not just used as treatment for those who are suffering from injuries or diseases, they can also elevate your wellness and health. So, which one should you get? Don't worry, we will get this sorted! In this article, we have selected the best massage gun in each price range.


$500+: Theragun Pro 

Power! Power! Still power! This is why you should get it. Nothing else. 16mm amplitude, 27 kg stall force. Theragun Pro is just like a monster. You can feel the deepest stimulation and get the best experience that you can. Cristiano Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova, Paul George, Sir Mo Farah, etc... are you a fan of any of them? Using the same model that your idol is using! Sounds nice? If you are an athlete, a gym junkie or an extreme user, Theragun Pro is definitely your cup of tea. 


$300-$500: Hydragun 

Hydragun is a pretty good choice in this price range. It has an ergonomic body that makes it easier for people to hold it. It is quiet that the noise it generates while working is less than 50 dB. It is definitely a good choice in this price range. It looks pretty nice, huh? Don’t hurry, you will find another as this good, even better next. 


$200-$300: E-Well Massage Gun Pro 

Strong power and performance, long battery life, low noise, light weight, ergonomic design and affordable price. This is E-Well Massage Gun Pro EW8003.  

You cannot find any massage gun that has longer battery life with the similar weight to E-Well Massage Gun Pro. You cannot find any massage gun that is lighter with the similar battery life to E-Well Massage Gun Pro. Theragun Pro is an excellent product. However, when you look at the specs, you would know that it is not for ordinary people or light users. 1.36 kg, how do you feel if you hold it for 15 minutes? This beautiful compact device is just weighted 770 g without attachments. The difference between it and Theragun Pro is more than 4 iPhone 13 Mini! Meanwhile, it supports up to 6 hours of battery life. 

It is powerful but it is very quiet. The noise it generates while working is lower than 50 dB. You know the normal conversation is about 60 dB. You can just use it in your living room when you pet is sleeping by your side.  

10-minute auto-off and one-button control are icing on the cake.  


Under $200: E-Well Massage Gun Mini 

It is so cute. How can a massage gun be this cute. It is small that can fit in your pocket.  

Small body but strong power. You can take it with you when you are traveling. 

E-Well Mini Massage Gun Is Ultra-Portable as it’s Super Light and Compact 

It has a comparable size to iPhone 11 and is the most favourable size for carrying. It is just weighted 331g. You can hardly feel it when you put it in your bag.  

It is Easily Controlled by One Button. You can efficiently complete all operations with one hand by one button to enjoy an efficient and comfortable procedure. 

It is designed with a Type-C port, so you can just use your own charger to charge it without bringing an extra one when you are traveling.  

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