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How to Choose the Best Massage Gun in Australia 2022?

Massage guns are more popular than ever. They have been proved helpful on muscle pain relief and recovery. Massage guns use high-speed motors to drive the head, which generates high-frequency percussions and acts on the deep layers of the muscles to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain, and promote blood circulation. They were originally used by professional athletes, and now they have jumped into popularity, because they are suitable not only for those who exercise regularly, but also for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Now, we have so many options on the market and the prices of massage guns on the market range from dozens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. For example, Theragun pro is even priced $899, almost a thousand dollars. We can also find some cheap models under $100. Among them, the most popular price range is $150-$300. So, with so many options available, how to choose the right one for yourself? We have investigated on 9 most popular massage guns on the market and did a thorough analysis and comparison on them. You will find out the answer at the end.

The 9 chosen massage guns and their specifications are shown as below.






Battery life 








Theragun pro 



27.2 kg 

1750-2400 RPM 


5 Hours 

64- 71 dB 

1.3 kg 


Hypervolt 2 pro 



13.6 kg 

1700-2700 PPM 

3 hours 

54-66 dB 

1.18 kg 






18.1 kg 

1300-3200 PPM 

Up to 6 hours 

30 - 50 dB 

1.04 kg 


E-Well Massage Gun Pro 




17 kg 

1600-3200 PPM 


Up to 6 hours 

up to 50 dB 

0.79 kg 


Homedics Pro Massage Gun 




- *

2100-3000 PPM 


3.5 Hours 


1 kg 


Bob & brad C2 Massage gun 



15.9 kg 

2000-3200 PPM 



55 dB 

0.68 kg 


Renpho C3 Massage Gun 





Max 3200 PPM 

Up to 8 hours 

63.5 dB 

0.97 kg 


Steady State PREMIUM+ Massage gun 




Max 4000 PPM 


7 hours 

45 dB 

1.3 kg 


Revitalgun Elite Plus Massage Gun 




25 kg 

1000-3200 PPM 


5 hours 

35-55 dB 

0.8 kg 


* The specifications are from their official websites. - means that the information is not available.

Before you purchase a massage gun, you need to ask yourself what are the problems you want to solve through the Massage gun? Your answer determines what level of massage gun you need to get. For example, if you are in your 60s and need relaxation on your legs, feet or your back, you don’t need a top-tier massage gun with a heavy body and super deep percussion depth. If you are a young professional athlete and need to relax your tissues after training, you need a professional massage gun with strong stall force to get enough pressure from the massage gun. If you are injured or have poor blood circulation and you are looking for some tools to alleviate your condition, in this case, you don’t need a very strong massage gun. Instead, you may need a massage gun that has a good speed range to satisfy your recovery needs at different stages. Don’t hurry to purchase one, as you may end up finding out that the massage gun is useless. Read through this article, you will realise what you need.

With so many options of massage guns on the market, some people may start with a cheap one and found out that it is actually a waste of money. So, we don’t recommend very cheap models. They may have a good advertising propaganda, but have little technology inside their products. 

The factors that we consider in this review are: 

  • Motor performance 
  • Battery life 
  • Noise level
  • Portability 
  • Design
  • Price

Motor performance 

The motor is the heart of a massage gun and is the most crucial part that determines if a massage gun is good or not. There are mainly two types of motors massage guns, brush motor and brushless motor. Good massage guns always use brushless motors. Here is why.  

Brush motors generate much heat resulting in high temperature while using. They have poor stability, loud noise, high energy consumption, and short service life. The technology that is used is outdated, so the price is relatively cheap. On the other hand, brushless motors have good heat dissipation, better stability, low noise, long battery life and can ensure smoother operation. They adopt advanced technology, so the price is more expensive. 

The performance of a motor can be evaluated by three indexes: amplitude, speed and stall force. 

Percussion depth (amplitude) is an important index that can decide if a massage gun is effective.   

An effective massage gun has to have at least a 6mm amplitude. Why? 

As it can be seen from the picture below, deep fascia is about 4.5 mm under the skin. Massage guns with the amplitude less than 6 mm cannot activate your deep fascia effectively.   

Fascia Depth

It does not mean that it is always better to have bigger depth. It depends on your needs. As it is mentioned above, 12mm + amplitude is suitable for heavy users, such as professional athletes, 9-12mm is suitable for moderate users, such as those who do exercise regularly, and 6-9mm is suitable for light users, such as elders and patients. 

Speed. Basically, the larger range, the better. It does not necessarily mean that a good massage gun must have an extreme high speed, such as 4000 RPM. Massage guns are not drills. The normal range, 1600-3200 RPM is enough to meet most needs of most people. 

Stall force. This index means how much pressure should be given to stop the percussion of the massage gun. In fact, not everyone needs a heavy stall force. However, in order to ensure an effective massage therapy, the stall force that a massage gun provides should be at least 13kg for most people. 

After the first screening, we have the following candidates on our list, and they are ranked by the above criteria as follows. 

  1. Theragun pro 
  2. Hydragun  
  3. E-Well Massage Gun Pro
  4. Revitalgun Elite Plus 
  5. Hypervolt 2 pro

Theragun Pro is no doubt the champion for its overall performance with 16mm amplitude, 27kg stall force, though it does not support a very high speed range. This is also a proof that an extreme high speed, such as 4000 RPM, is not really necessary. Hydragun, Revitalgun Elite Plus and E-Well Massage Gun and have the similar motor specifications with 12mm amplitude. While Hypervolt 2 Pro has 14mm amplitude, it's stall force is less than others.

Battery life 

In order to use the massage gun as part of our life, it has to have at least 3 hours of battery life. 

As it is seen in the comparison table, all the chosen massage guns passed. Still, it can be noted that Theragun Pro, E-Well Massage Gun Pro and Hydragun are doing very well by providing more than 6 hours of battery life. 


Noise level 

If you want to include the massage gun in your daily routine, you cannot ignore the noise that the device generates.  

Normal conversation is about 60 dB. It is advised to use a massage gun that the noise is less than 60 dB. 

In this round the following candidates passed. 

  • Hydragun 
  • E-Well Massage Gun Pro 
  • Revitalgun Elite Plus 

Theragun Pro and Hypervolt 2 pro generate louder noise while working than other models. It can be understood as they have more powerful motors, which results in the louder noise. Hydragun, E-Well Massage Gun Pro and Revitalgun Elite Plus are quieter and deliver enough power at the same time.



Normally, users use their massage guns for 10-20 minutes for one time. It would be tiring if you hold a massage gun which is heavier than 0.9 kg. It is undeniable that Theragun has the best performance among all the candidates, and it is designed for professional athletes. However, it is too heavy for ordinary people to use it daily. Hydragun is not that heavy, but it is not light either. By comparison, we found that E-Well Massage Gun Pro and Revitalgun Elite Plus are even lighter than 0.8 kg. 



The design of the massage gun is not just about the appearance, it can also determine if it is easy to use. 

For some massage guns, the power button is at the bottom or at the back. They are not really good positions when you start the device as you need to use one hand to hold the device and use the other hand to press the button.

The power and control button of Revitalgun Elite Plus is at the back and below the small screen. it is not easy to press the button as the massage gun is shaking while working. 

E-Well Massage Gun Pro has an ergonomic design. It just has one button that can turn on or off and change speeds. The button is on the handle where you can easily use your thumb to press while you are holding the massage gun by one hand.  Just simply press the button, it can change to the gear you want. In addition, E-Well Massage Gun Pro has a slim, ergonomic handle with Hidden front air outlet. 



If you are a professional athlete and don’t care about price, you can choose Theragun Pro for sure. However, for most people, price is not just a number. E-Well Massage Gun Pro is priced at one third of Theragun Pro but it can give you more than 90% of the overall experience of Theragun Pro. It is powerful while affordable. 

If you are after cheaper models, they may not last long and E-Well Massage Gun Pro is worth every penny you spend. 



Finally, we found the most versatile and the most well-balanced massage gun - E-Well Massage Gun Pro. It offers enough power that can meet the needs of most people. What is more impressive is that it has a light weight and supports 6 hours of battery at the same time.

In a nutshell, E-Well Massage Gun Pro is affordable, lightweight, quiet and powerful enough to ordinary people to use. 

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