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E-Well Massage Guns vs. Form Rollers: Which is better?

For fitness enthusiasts, the most common way to relax muscles after a workout is to use a foam roller. Foam rolling is a way to help your muscles recover from a tough workout. In fact, the massage gun and foam roller have a similar effect on relaxing muscles. Foam rollers require the users to take the initiative to use, whereas massage guns are electric and use high-frequency shock to relax the muscles.  


Massage gun and foam roller can both help you feel better and recover from a workout faster than doing nothing. While a foam roller is usually a lot cheaper than a massage gun, you can find a few more affordable massage gun options these days that might work for you too. 


Keep reading to find out the differences and benefits of these two products, and how to know which one is better for you. 


E-Well Massage Gun  

Principle – E-Well Massage Gun Pro utilises percussive therapy technique, which can reach 12mm into your muscles for maximum benefits. Percussive therapy involves the application of force to muscles and fascia (a type of connective tissue) to break up adhesions and encourage blood flow to sore or sensitive areas. 



  • Decrease lactic acid 
  • Relax your muscle  
  • Recover faster 
  • Improve blood flow 
  • Improve sleeping  
  • Relive tension 



  • Portable  
  • Ultra-quiet 
  • Deep, intense massage thanks to the powerful force of the gun 
  • Target small and hard-to-reach areas 
  • Provide almost instant relief from tension, aches or soreness 


Form Roller 

Principle - Foam rollers allow you to self-massage painful knots and tense muscles – also known as “trigger points” – by placing the foam roller underneath you and slowly rolling over the tender or stiff areas. 



  • Prevent and relieve from everyday muscle soreness and tension 
  • Great for pre-workouts to increase range of motion  
  • Help stimulate blood flow and speed up recovery 



  • Cheaper 
  • Gentler on tight places or knots 
  • Roll out or massage larger areas of your body like both of your legs at the same time 


Final Thoughts 

Determining which recovery tool is “better” is largely a matter of personal preference and needs. Overall, a massage gun will be more efficient and more portable. You can use your massage gun almost anywhere and don’t need to carry around a big foam roller or have open floor space to use it. Besides, a massage gun is a good option to use for specific areas like palm, shoulder, neck, etc. If you are looking for a more affordable tool for a simple relaxing effect, then a form roller is the way to go. 

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